From space, Faial has the shape of a giant turtle, 21 kilometres long, 14 wide, with a circular main road which is almost 60 kilometres long. Even though that does not sound too exciting, as there are plenty of things to explore it is worthwhile to consider how to travel on Faial before visiting the best destination of the Azores. It is not the distances which are the decisive point to decide on the mean of travel, but the weather, time you are spending on Faial and on how much you like to stress your muscles.

Travel by car

The easiest way of travelling is obvious by car, depending on the length of your stay and if you want to visit some of the neighboring islands you might rent a car for one day only or for your entire stay. Please note that the number of rental cars available on the island is limited, so please book your car well in advance.

Travel by taxi

A good alternative to rent a car is to take a taxi, the driver will bring you to any point on the island, additionally you get some tourist information for free. If you go for one of the longer hikes, the driver will drop you at the place of departure and pick you up at an agreed time at your destination.

Travel by bus

If you are a fan of public transport, then you have two options, there exists a circular bus line around the island and a city bus network in Horta. The schedules are though optimized for schools and for going to work, with only a couple of services.

Travel by scooter

If you do not want to rent a car and do not mind of getting caught by a rain shower in the middle of your trip, then rent a scooter. The distances are friendly, even a round trip of the island is possible by scooter. You have to option of renting a classical one or an electrical.

Travel by bicycle

If you are a sporty type, then you might opt for a bicycle, be aware that the roads can be very steep on Faial, and the weather might not be favorable. But if you are located in Horta or close by, it might be a good option, if you rent an electrical bicycle, then even the climbs will be a pleasure. You might also rent a bike or a mountain bike just for an excursion, take a taxi to the to of the Calbeira and ride with your bike back to town.


Last but not least, you can travel in Faial the natural way. If you stay in Horta and pick a tour guide for you excursions on land, then you can explore Horta and some of the nearby points easily on foot.