The Giro Dance Festival was created to vitalize the city of Horta, and enrich its socio-cultural structure through an interdisciplinary dance program. The main goal is to embrace various aspects of dance, circulation between spaces, moving people and audiences. Connecting dance with various other arts, such as music, theater, drawing, photography and video.

Sociedade Amor da Pátria

  • Performance “Limbo”
  • 1 of October at 21:30

Teatro Faialense

  • “Mostra de alunos de Dança”
  • 2 of October at 18:30
  • “Cinema- Vídeo_Dança”
  • 3 of October at às 21:30
  • Performance
  • “It´s a long yesterday…”
  • 5 of October at 21:30

Library of Horta

  • Performance “Aviões de Papel”
  • 4 of October at 21:30
  • Exposition
  • Vídeo-Dance and Photography
  • “The Art of Losing”
  • From 1 to 9 of October