This week the program “Faial – Discovering History, Thinking about the Future” organized by the Association for Sustainable Tourism will have two main themes: Landscape and Archaeology.

2 November Conference / Debate: Azorean Landscape, 6 Centuries of Transformation

Participants: Luís M. Arruda, Maria João Pereira, Ana Marisa Goulart, Cláudia Ávila Gomes and Luís Bicudo
Moderator: Francisco Ribeiro
Casa Manuel de Arriaga
Natural Heritage has been one of the main issues in the Azores in recent years, and Faial is no exception. In order to think about Nature in the Azores today and its preservation, it is important to be aware of the historical process it went through and the role Man played in it over the centuries, moulding the natural environment to the needs of the periods. There areas of study help us to understand how we were and are, all of us, intervening in the construction of the “natural” Landscape that surrounds us.

4 November Conference: The Role of Archaeology in Contemporary Society

Speakers: José António Bettencourt and Cláudia Pereira
Auditorium Horta Public Library BPARJJG
Horta’s bay encloses one of the most valuable archaeological collections of our country, which has been studied over the last years by several researchers. The first archaeological interventions on land were only recently carried out, but have already allowed some interesting discoveries that have contributed to deepen our knowledge about the past of the island and its origins (namely the findings in the churchyard of the parish church of N. S. das Angústias). This conference will address the role that Archaeology plays in contemporary society, as well as the significance and importance of the discoveries made in Faial and the potential for others to be made in the future.

Also do not miss the guided tours of the collections of the Museum of Horta, 5 and 6 of November – with previous inscription through email

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