Don’t miss the last week of “Faial – Discovering History, Thinking about the Future” organized by the Association of Sustainable Tourism with a conference on cosmopolitanism.

Conference: Faial and the World: What was and what is our cosmopolitanism?

Participants: Katja Grötzner Neves, Carlos Lobão, José Henrique Azevedo and Tiago Simões da Silva
Moderator: Jorge Costa Pereira and Pedro Rosa
Horta has a reputation as a cosmopolitan city, and its role is well known, from being a transit point for whaling fleets to being the capital of North Atlantic yachting. Events such as the advent of international cable-telegraphic communications and hydro-aviation. But what does this cosmopolitanism mean? What is its root? What meaning or function does it represent today? In an international context that has never been so cosmopolitan and globalized, but where prejudices and problems resulting from contact with the other thrive, we think it is important to think about our reality and, with that, the way we want our society to develop in the future.
And do not miss the guided walks of the historical center of Horta Porto Pim – German Colony with Tiago Simões da Silva (duration 1h30).

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