The pandemic is not over yet, but Faial is well on the way back to normality. Last weekend the St. Martin’s day celebrations at the market were the first big public event since one and a half year. Not even the rain could stop the Faialense to finally get out, gather and have a good time. At the Festa de Magusta we had roasted chestnuts, wine, folk dance and live music, all ingredients for a good party on Faial. These are promising outlooks for the next year, when hopefully we finally have the full range of parties, culminating in the emblematic Semana do Mar in August.

Tourism is rebounding

Tourism started slow into 2021, but month by month Faial is back to normality and rebounding. Among the islands of the Azores, Faial is doing particularly well, and in September the numbers were with 21.615 just 8% below the pre-pandemic level! The Azores as a whole did not perform bad either, but nevertheless lacked somewhat behind with 19%.


There must be something special about Faial. Also SATA Azorean Airlines also performed well, in October more passengers were transported than two years ago. There are not many destinations which have experienced such numbers in recent times.

Get ready for you next holiday

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It seems to be time to start thinking about your next holidays. Faial and the Azores, who recently got awarded the prize of being Europe’s Leading Adventure Tourism Destination are waiting for you. For 2022 there are numerous direct flight connections from the USA, Canada, France, Germany, UK, Switzerland and even Bermuda and Cape Verde. Besides the existing routes, United Airlines will have a new direct flight from Newark and SATA from Düsseldorf.

Make sure to plan in time, looking at the current numbers flights and seats might soon be booked out. Get ready for your next holiday and check out all the opportunities on To get the maximum out of your stay in Faial, why not booking a guided tour. There are many hidden gems to explore, don’t miss them.