Wetlands are among the richest and most productive ecosystems in the world in terms of biological diversity, with water being their structuring element. In the framework of the World Day of Wetlands, the Natural Parks of the Azores is organizing an educative trail along the Levada of Faial.

If you want to participate please sign up at sraac.sensibilizacaoambiental@azores.gov.pt until February 4th, 15.00. Meeting point will be the reservoir of the Levada.

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Wetlands are very sensitive places that are seriously threatened worldwide by pollution, urbanization and industrialization, intensification of agriculture, fishing and fish farming, among other actions undertaken by populations, so their protection and proper management is essential. In the Azores there are 13 wetlands of international importance, classified under the “Ramsar Convention”, designated as Ramsar Sites.

The Regional Secretariat for the Environment and Climate Change is aware of this problem, carrying out several restoration, preservation and monitoring actions in these ecosystems, namely through the LIFE IP AZORES NATURA project.

An example of this is the conservation action “Good practices for conservation of terrestrial habitats”, which consists of restoration and improvement interventions, namely in peat bogs and coastal lagoons.

This Regional Secretariat also established partnerships with the Azores Environmental Observatory – Angra do Heroísmo Science Centre and the Santa Catarina Institute in the implementation of environmental awareness activities within the scope of this commemoration, thus promoting a broad and concerted participation with other entities in the Region.