The regional music school, Conservatório Regional da Horta, has since its foundation 30 years ago a special relationship with the Ukraine. Exchanges of teachers and students brought the two far away places closer together. Ukraine is now in a time of need and Faial is solidary. During this week every morning donations of the items listed can be brought to the schools of Faial. They will be collected on Friday by the Câmara Municipal for shipping to the Ukraine.

SOS Ukraine Faial
  • EB1,2/EA/JI António José Ávila
  • EB1/JI Vista Alegre
  • EB1/JI Pasteleiro
  • EB1/JI Flamengos
  • EB1/JI Feteira
  • EB1/JI Castelo Branco
  • EB1/JI Capelo e Praia do Norte
  • EB1/JI Cedros
  • EB1/JI de Pedro Miguel
  • JI da Praia do Almoxarife
SOS Ukraine Faial

Let us participate and encourage our children and young people to actively participate in this wave of solidarity, so that together we can contribute to its success, and minimizing the suffering of this people.