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The humorous show Full HouseTrês é Demais – Segunda Dose – is back after 5 years in the Teatro Faialense. 5 years after a show that drew 25 thousand spectators in 2 months, the three friends are back! 5 years ago: Raminhos was expecting his 3rd daughter, Horácio was the divorced father, and Borges was free and clear…Now the last one is married and a father, the middle one has finally found love again, and the first one lives a conflict between his old and his new self.

What changed in 5 years, was it the world or was it them? Or their world? Without reservations, without fears (and duly disinfected and wearing a mask), this trio uses the excuse of a sanitary walk and returns for a second dose. A show with drama, action, suspense, political incorrectness, humorists for the truth, crap that men inevitably say or do… – comedy.

Guarantee: back with the people who make us feel better, the Stage and the Audience. 3 friends, 3 ways of seeing life, 3 comedians making time waiting for the vaccine.

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Postponed Teatro Faialense Horta Faial