Almost 30 jeeps from Faial and Pico will participate in the “Rota Eclipse”, a cross-country trophy, organized by the TT Section of the Clube Automóvel do Faial. The gathering of participants will be at 7 pm on Friday at the Flamengos playground. The first vehicle departings at 8 pm. the others follow at 2 minute intervals. The 1st stage of the Off Road Trophy leads through Praia do Almoxarife, Pedro Miguel, Ribeirinha and Salão ending at the CAF headquarters in Rua Cônsul Dabney, around 11pm.

The 2nd stage of the tour on Saturday starts at 2pm once more near the Flamengos playground. This time passing through Salão, Cedros and Praia do Almoxarife back in the late afternoon to Flamengos.

The off road trophy, with guidance by Road-Book, GPS, compass and photos will also have a walking component to collect landscape images. Part of the route will be on secondary roads, but most of it will take place on dirt roads and old tracks that have been recovered by the CAF TT Section.

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Off road trophy Faial