The Guia Prático da Flora Nativa dos Açores / Field Guide of Azorean Terrestrial Fauna is an indispensable book for all nature lovers in the Azores. Containing the main species of the Azorean flora, it allows an easy and quick identification of the endemic flora. It contains almost three hundred species, including lichens, mosses, liverworts, anthoceroses, ferns and lycophytes, gymnosperms and angiosperms. On top you will find the main locations where the plants can be found. A well illustrated, bilingual book in Portuguese and English, the Guia Prático da Flora Nativa dos Açores is one of those books that all nature lovers should have on the bookshelf and in the pocket on each excursion. Joint the book presentation in the Botanical Garden.

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Native FLora of the Azores