Bluefest gives a stage to people, ideas, projects, companies and initiatives that actively contribute to the preservation and protection of the oceans and coastlines. This is the only way to learn about innovations in progress and collaborate towards common goals.

Ocean health is essential to human prosperity and the balance of life on the planet. Over-exploitation of the sea and climate change have resulted in unprecedented degradation of marine ecosystems and loss of biodiversity.

It is urgent to protect the oceans to secure the ecosystem services and natural resources they offer us. In the context of the Archipelago, Faial is the island where more knowledge is produced on this subject and where there is a great concentration of activity around the greatest wealth of the Azores: our sea.

Bluefest 2022 in Horta is a series of events in the Teatro Faialense, the Escola do Mar and on the Praça da República. Presentations, workshops, round tables, street art, the movie A Ilha dos Gigantes and more. You can find the full program below.

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Bluefest 2022 Horta Faial Azores