Did you know that Fayal Sport Club is one of the oldest football clubs in Portugal. Fayal Sport Club was founded in 1909 and is the 5th oldest team in Portugal. At the beginning it was strongly influenced by the employees of the telecommunication companies of Faial. The companies which operated the submarine cables between Europe and America and their staff left marks in the culture of the island. Among others, Fayal Sport Club. At some point the club had sections of the following sports: water polo, rowing, canoeing, field and table tennis, volleyball, basketball, cycling, roller hockey, figure skating, athletics and football. Celebrate the 114th anniversary of Fayal Sport Club in this series of events, the party will be on Saturday with the Banda à Moda Antiga, DJ Lúcio Rodrigues and Marco Anselmo. For the detailed program, click on the link or the picture below.

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Fayal Sport Club, Horta Faial, Azores