Wow, Faial has been nominated among 21 top destinations as European Best Destination 2023. Of course it is not a question, Faial is the best destination. But in order to win the competition, Faial needs your vote. Faial is already recognized by the European Commission as European Destination of Excellence. Now it is time to get another recognition.

European Best Destination Faial

Small but beautiful

Faial is small, only 173 km3, with a population of a bit more than 14 thousand. On this green patch, dominated by the volcano Cabeço Gordo with its Caldeira, the volcano of Capelinhos and the city of the sea Horta, there is so much to discover. Faial has a rich culture with influences from all around the world. It was an important trading place, a connection point of telecommunication, a meeting point of sailors and sometimes pirates. Faial is a true island of culture and nature.

Vote for the best destination, not just of the Azores but of Europe

Cast your vote now! Click on the image below and vote for Faial! You can vote online from January 20th until February 10th. Help to make Faial the successor of Ljubljana and beat other competitors nominated Best European Destination such as Copenhagen, Rhodes or Toledo. Spread the news!

European Best Destination Faial