The dance in the water experience “Daughters of Water” has traveled from Brazil to the Azores and arrives on the island of Faial from September 1 to 4, to teach a group of women how to experience a true union with water. It’s about getting to know water in its depths. And understanding how to find the power to change a suffering planet. With one main character: the woman.

Created and produced by Oceans and Flow, the experience invokes the collective force for change through the gathering of feminine power, explains the project’s mentor, Violeta Lapa.”Through water, we take care of our internal and external waters, remember the fluidity of life and honor our ancestry.”

Daughters of Water aims to be a learning community and an activist movement for water, for the rescue of the feminine, a meeting between women, sisters, mothers, daughters and friends. Through the hands of seven “water women”, the participants will have to experience various aquatic practices, such as an introduction to free diving in snorkeling, dance exercises in the water, sharing self-care practices, deep ecology exercises, among other experiences.

At the end of the dance in the water event, the 4th edition of Ocean Talks, which is free to attend, will address the theme “Connecting to Regenerate. More information, info and booking:

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Filhas da Água, Horta, Faial, Azores, Dance
Ocean Talks, Filhas da Água, Dance, Horta, Faial, Azores