Yes, Halloween is also celebrated in Faial, here are the events of the spookiest night of the year. For some of the dinner events you must have a reservation, check the links in the events posts. But for sure you will be admitted to the party!

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What about Pão Por Deus?

By the way, if kids come to your door tomorrow, they will ask for Pão por Deus – Bread for God. The tradition of Pão por Deus in the Azores, a cultural gem held every November 1st. This unique event, dating back to the aftermaths of the earthquake of 1756 in Lisbon, sees children going door-to-door, reciting verses and receiving offerings. The day is marked with sharing bread, dried fruits, and sweets. Despite the influence of Halloween, Pão por Deus maintains its distinct charm. It’s a day of remembrance and solidarity, keeping alive the spirit of sharing and community. Experience this rich cultural tradition in the Faial, where history and community come together.

Halloween in Faial, Azores