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All about the Azores

Trip to São Jorge

During the long weekend, Portugal celebrated on October 5 the revolution of 1910, we went for a short trip to São Jorge island located...
The geography of Faial

The geography of Faial

Like all the islands of the Azores, the geography of Faial is dominated by the volcanic origin of the island and the subtropical climate...
Faial and the sea, visit Faial the best destination of the Azores

Faial and the sea

Unsurprisingly for an island situated in the middle of a vast ocean, the sea is determinating the life on the island. Faial and the...

Graciosa, the white island

Graciosa, the white island is the second smallest among the Azorean islands. Its landscape is marked by gentle volcanic hills and, unlike the other...
The history of Faial, visit Faial, the best destination in the Azores

The history of Faial

The beginnings The history of Faial dates back to 1375 when the island first appeared on the Catalan Atlas, at the time named Ilha de...
São Miguel, Visit Faial, the best destination of the Azores

São Miguel, the green island

When you are visiting the Azores for the first time, it is very likely that São Miguel is your destination. When you airplane is...
Whale and dolphin watching, Visit Faial, the best destination of the Azores

Whaling and whale watching

Nowadays, the Azores constantly appear in travel magazines and blogs among the top destinations for whale watching, not without reason as whales and the...

Hurricane Lorenzo

More than ten days have passed since hurricane Lorenzo, time for some thoughts on what happened and how we and the community lived through...
Terceira, Visit Faial, the best destination of the Azores

Terçeira, the third island

Terceira was the third island to be discovered, thus its name. Terceira is very popular among tourists from the mainland Portugal, mainly due to...


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