Our adventure has started, the first part of the family moved yesterday from Budapest to Faial Island, part of the Azores. Leaving the busy big city life behind, we will reconstruct over the next year or so a country house into a charming little Hotel. Follow our posts to know more on the progress, on life on Faial, on the motivation of doing so and other interesting things.Yesterday we travelled, Norbert coming over from London, helping me to bring our three dogs here. Having travelled a lot before it was quite a challenge, two of the guys travelling in carrier bags with us, the third one in a box in the hold. Due to flight connections we needed to stay overnight in Lisbon, meaning having to taxi to town and carrying them besides the suitcases. All required quite an administrative preparation, getting the dogs’ passports, booking their flights and not to forget finding a hotel admitting three dogs into one room. Arriving at Horta airport, we were welcomed by two helpful police officers who registered the four-legged immigrants. Now we are waiting for the rest of the bunch, Barbara and Iza, to join us on Thursday.