A bit more than three months to go until the next edition of the Ultra Blue Island Azores Trail Run event. The classical trail run event of the Azores on Faial is meanwhile a fix point in agenda of trail running. You can run five distances, 118k, 65k, 42k, 25k and 10k on the blue island of the Azores. Each course will lead you through the magnificent nature in the middle of the Atlantic.

A classical race

It all started in 2012 when a group of running and nature enthusiasts of Faial first organized a run to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the natural park of Faial. Meanwhile the event attracts hundreds of participants, from the Azores, Portugal, Europe and the rest of the World. In 2022, more than 800 athletes participated in the race and made their way to the remote Atlantic island. Not only the number of participants increased year by year, but also the distances and races. Besides the Ultra Blue Island, Azores Trail Run organizes every year a three day event on the islands of the Triangle, Faial, Pico and São Jorge as well as on other Azorean islands. In 2020, Faial hosted the world final of the Salomon Golden Trail series reuniting the world elite of trail running.

A race for everybody

Azoreas Trail Run Ultra Blue Island Faial Azores

The Azores Trail Run is not only an event for the world elite, to name just some who participated in the past Anna Frost, Jim Walmsley… But it is perfect for hobby runners, too. If you take it slow and rather enjoy the nature, no need to worry about qualifying for the race, it is open to everybody. If you are not into big distances, then the family trail with 10k is perfect. All races let you immerse into the magnificent beauty of a volcanic island. And be honest, who would not like to be at the starting line next to the best of the world.

More than just a race

Guided Tours Visit Faial Azores

Participating in the Ultra Blue Island means for most of the participants a long journey. Honestly it would be a pity to come to Faial just for the race, make a holiday out of it. Faial is the island of nature and culture of the Azores, it has a lot to offer. The maritime vibes of the charming city of Horta, the possibility to go whale watching, visiting the neighboring islands, discovering the history and much more. Explore Faial with a tour guide to see the highlights of the island. The best way to discover everything, best for those with sore legs after race day.

Organize your trip

Horta - Guided Tours - Visit Faial, the best destination of the Azores

Faial is one of the nine islands of the Azores. The blue island situated about 1700 km west of Lisbon and and 3500 km east of the USA. There are direct flights to Faial from Lisbon and stop over routes through the islands of São Miguel and Terceira. You can get there direclty from European destinations, the US and Canada. Make sure to book your trip in advance, the flights are limited. The same is true for getting your accommodation, the number of hotels, guest houses is limited. If you want to be mobile on Faial, it is best to rent a car, take a taxi or tour guide. The ones with strong legs can try the bicycle, but be aware, the roads are steep. Do not worry about getting to the race, take the event busses organized which are part of the race package.

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Ultra Blue Island Azores Trail Run