You might have heard strange noises in the evening, like if somebody were screaming. No need to be afraid, it was just the “chant” of the Cagarros or Cory’s shearwater. Cagarrros are large maritime birds that breed in the Azores. In the autumn, before flying to Brasil to spend the winter, the young Cagarros need your help. At night they easily get disoriented and are often ran over by cars. Become a volunteer and join SOS Cagarro.

SOS Cagarro

Every October the SOS Cagarro campaign calls to the attention of everybody to help saving the young birds’ lives. If you find a Cagarro, take a towel to protect yourself, wrap it, and put it in a cardboard box. Call the free 24 hourSOS Cagarro hotline under 800 292 800 to get assistance and information on where to bring the little friend.


The OMA Observatório do Mar dos Açores is looking for volunteers who can help collecting the birds. If you are in Faial, sign up for the Brigadas Científicas and help the scientists with their work. If you have car you can help around the island, if not, you can help in the city.

Registration and more information, or or call 292 292 140

Meeting point always at the bar of the Whaling Museum, from October 21 to 28 at 20:30, from October 29 to November 4 at 19:30,

Save a Cagarro, make a friend!

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SOS Cagarro Horta Faial Azores