You might wonder what we are doing all day long – among others, our garden keeps us busy. We bought our house together with about 6000m2 of land. Two thirds thereof are an operating banana plantation which is currently rented out to a local banana farmer. For the rest, we must care, considering that during the last 9 months not much has been done, this means a lot of work. Due to the favourable climate everything that is green just grows and grows. Before we arrived, we already had a part of the private back yard fenced so that our three Yorkshire terriers can ramble freely. Just imagine them having the possibility to venture into the banana fields, they would stay away for weeks.These days were weeding our garden, loads of nettles leaving my arms and legs spotted red – apparently it is good for blood circulation. Then exploring the local farming shops to find seeds for lawn, they were selling one type we were sowing last week. It took some days, but now everywhere there are first grass blades coming out. We also made a small flat area where we will place our garden table which should arrive with the container. There we placed all potted plants we found around the house, already it looks cosy. Especially considering that the place is surrounded by orange trees and banana plants. Last but not least, there is a huge vegetable garden, currently only weed, but soon our seeds are arriving, let’s see if we are sufficiently talented to grow garden greens.