You must visit Corvo, the small island, if you are longing for remoteness and a really unique place. Corvo is the northernmost and smallest of the 9 islands of the archipelago, it is basically a single volcanic cone with a magic caldera on top of it and its only settlement, down at the sea

Corvo, the small island

The island of Corvo is dominated by its volcanic caldera, the Caldeirão which has several lakes in it and is inhabited by peacefully grazing cows. It is the smallest island and one of the remotest communities of Europe. Only about 450 people are living in the only settlement, Vila do Corvo. At first sight, there is not much to do or see in Corvo, but once arrived you quickly realize how special this place is. You are in the middle of the North Atlantic, there is one village with scenic small streets in which you will find post office, banks, shops, restaurants, the port and an airport. A steep road leads up to the Monte Gordo, the 720 meter high volcano of the island. Corvo has a history of having been a hiding place for pirates in the time before the first permanent settlers arrived in the 16 century. Later on the people of Corvo became famous for defending their home against ravaging pirates. In 1714, they defeated a hoard of Algerian pirates which before mugged the other islands of the Azores and killed almost one hundred of them. Nowadays Corvo is a calm place, sometimes though, when the climatic conditions are not favorable, the island is cut off from the outside world for days.

Main attractions

Due to its size, attractions are limited, nevertheless you should stay at least one night in Corvo to get the feeling. Take a taxi ride up to the Caldeirão, or if you have more time, you can also hike to the top. Take a stroll in Vila do Corvo, walk down to the beach at the west end of the airport. If the weather is fine, you can even have a swim, just remember not to go out too far, otherwise you will end up on the east coast of the US. Also next to the airport there is a beautifully renovated windmill and a small museum.

Quick facts

Corvo is 6,5 km long from North to South and 4 km wide, its highest point is 720 m above sea level. There are daily flights connecting Corvo to Flores, Faial or Terçeira. There is a regular boat service to Flores, during the summer on six days a week, in the winter less. If you have less time, there are also day excursions offered from Flores to Corvo.