Varadouro is a small coastal resort in the parish of Capelo. In the old days it used to be the summer resort of the wealthy families of Horta who spent their summer holiday there. Nowadays it is a residential area with some very popular natural swimming pools. From Varadouro leads a dirty road along and above the coast through a natural reserve area to Capelinhos. Also in Varadouro you can see the ruins of an old thermal spa which was inaugurated in 1954 and operated until the 1990’s. There have been numerous plans to reconstruct the spa and make its 35,5 degree hypersaline water again accessible to visitors, but so far unsuccessful.

How to get to Varadouro

From Horta take the regional regional road towards Capelinhos, after about 17 kilometers in the village of Areeiro you will spot a sign directing you to the left. Soon after turning the road will descend to Varadouro.

What to do in Varadouro

During the summer enjoy the natural swimming pools, sometimes even some big swells might refresh you. There are some restaurants and bars where you can sit down for a drink,

Take a quiet walk along the coastal road through the protected area towards Capelinhos.