Between the mountains or Entre Montes is the area of Monte da Guia and Monte Queimado just next to Porto Pim in Horta. It is a popular recreational area with the sandy beach of Praia do Porto Pim, the short hiking trails up to the two mountains, the Fábrico da Baleia whaling museum, the Dabney house and the small aquarium which serves as breeding station for Azorean marine life.

How to get to Entre Montes

You can reach Entre Montes in a short walk from the center of Horta. Best if you walk to Porto Pim and from there stroll over the beach to the whaling museum. Otherwise you can also take the car, either to the whaling museum or up to Monte da Guia.

What to do in Entre Montes

Go for a swim a the Praia da Porto Pim, probably the most beautiful sandy beach in the Azores. In the summer season it is packed by the people from Horta who go there for a swim after work.

Visit the whaling museum, which is the old whale processing factory which has been transformed into a museum showing not only the equipment use for the industrial processing of the whales but has also a full scale sperm whale on exhibit.

Take a 5 minutes walk to the Casa dos Dabney, the old summer residence of the Dabney family. The Dabney’s were an American family of merchants shaping the economy of Faial during the 19th century. John Bass Dabney was the first consul of the United States in Europe, situated in Faial. The family was involved in the wine trade and were the first to launch whaling activities.

Visit the small aquarium which is a breeding station for marine species from the Azores. Do not expect something big, but rather interesting information on the marine life of the Atlantic Ocean.

Last but not least, you have the Entre Montes hiking trail just outside the city. Climb Monte da Guia and Monte Queimado and enjoy the views of Horta, the canal and Pico.