Faial is the cradle of trail running in the Azores, over the last decade Faial became a real hotspot for fans of running in nature. Dario Moitoso, the Portuguese trail running and ultra trail running champion is from Faial, what better prove would you need to guarantee that this is the place for running. The major event of the year is the Whalers Great Route, an ultratrail event featuring several races with distances from 10 km for families up to 118 km for the ultrarunners. Throughout the year there are several events, such as the Triangle Adventure a three day race on Faial, Pico and São Jorge. In 2020, Faial hosted the final of the Golden Trail Series with four day event gathering all top racers of the world. If you like trail running but cannot any of the events, then check out some of the routes of the races or pick one of the hiking trails.

Where to go trail running

Go for the routes of the trail running events.

Or pick one of the hiking trails.

Tour guides

Some of the tour guiding companies also offer trail running programs.

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