Like all of the Azorean islands, Faial is a paradise for hikers, be it a short hike just outside of the city or crossing the entire island, there is something for every taste. One thing you need to keep in mind when hiking is the weather. The Azorean climate is mild with pleasant temperatures all over the year, but you have to be ready to experience all four seasons on one day. So take always raincoat and sun protector with you. In case the top of the island is covered in clouds or if it is windy, put you hike on another day, you will not see anything and my struggle with the wind. Also when picking your hiking boots, make sure that you not only feel comfortable in dry conditions, but also when the grounds are wet and slippery. You can find both circular and linear hiking trails, in the case of the longer linear trails, you might need to organize a taxi or a tour guide who can pick you up at the end.

Where to hike

Check the excursion section for some of the hikes.

There are 10 officially marked hiking trails on Faial, check out the details

Guided tours

You prefer to go with an experienced guide, preferably with a guide that speaks your mother tongue? Then check out our tours.