The parish of Flamengos, named after the Flemish settlers has 1800 inhabitants and is the only parish of Faial which does not have access to the ocean. There are several ancient roadways that lead up from Horta to the valley of Flamengos. Flamengos has the shape of an amphitheater and is compared to the other parishes of Faial more humid and cooler.

What to do in Flamengos

The Botanical Garden of Faial and the agricultural services of the island are located in the Quinta de São Lourenço, visit the Botanical Garden with its magnificent orchid house.

The bicas of Flamengos, old washing ponds, have been transformed into a memorial for the 1998 earthquake.

Visit the quiet Parque da Falca recreational park high above the valley, you will get one of the best views of Pico.