Did you know that there exist 76 endemic plant species in the Azores. The botanical garden of Faial just outside of the city hosts a great number of these endemic plants. It has been inaugurated in 1986 and visitors can stroll in an area of 8000 square metres, the garden is part of the Quinta de São Lourenço which hosts the agricultural services of the island. For the lovers of orchids, a new area including green houses has been added where you find more than 30 species of orchids.

How to get to the botanical garden

The botanical garden is located in the parish of Flamengos just outside of Horta, follow the sings.

What to do in the botanical garden

Just stroll around and enjoy the beauty of the Azorean flora, have a look at the orchid house, just amazing how many different orchids exist.

Check out the what’s up in Faial part of http://www.visitfaial.com, the botanical garden hosts a series of events all around the year.