If you just want to relax, probably have a picnic or even a barbecue, there are plenty of opportunities in Faial to do so. Some of the places just have two or three barbecue places, some of them are full scale parks including sanitary facilities. When driving around the island, you will sooner or later pop into one of these. There are four major parks, placed around Faial. Remember to bring you own firewood in case you want to make a barbecue.

Parque da Alagoa

The parque da Alago is situated right in Horta next to the Municipal swimming pool at the Praia da Conceição beach. It is optimal for families with kids as there is a big playground and if the weather is nice you can even take a swim on the beach.

Reserva Florestal de Recreio da Falca

The recreational park parque da Falca is a hidden gem high above Horta half way up to the Caldeira. It has all facilities, a small playground and something magic about its trees. After you picnic you can enjoy the view of Pico across the canal.

Reserva Florestal Natural do Parque do Capelo

The park of Capelo is a well maintained forest park with small trails on which you can explore the different trees and plants of Faial. For the children there is a playground, all facilities necessary for picnic and barbecue are avaialble and there are also some deer and peacocks around. A nicely restored ancient farm house is open for visitors, it will give you a nice insight to the rural life of Faial.

Reserva Florestal de Recreio do Cabouco Velho

The park of Cabouco Velho is half way on the road that leads from Flamengos to Salão and Cedros across the island. It is situated in an old forest, has a small playground and all facilities.