The Levada of Faial is a stunning hiking trail on the north side of the island. It leads along an abandoned water line through enchanting forests on secure bridges across ravines and even through a short tunnel. You might get the feeling of being in the middle of a Jurassic Park scenery, on a quiet day you will hardly encounter. The Levada has been inaugurated in 1964 and served as supply line for a hydro-electrical power station. Nature though was stronger, after the earthquake of 1998 large parts were destroyed and the Levada has been abandoned. In 2010, parts of it were renovated and it serves now as a popular hiking tour.

How to get to the Levada

Take the road from Horta towards Capelinhos, shortly before the parish of Capelo you will see a sign to the right. From there you follow the signs and take the paved road for about 2 km up the hill to the starting point.

What to do at the Levada

Of course hike the Levada trail, it is about 7,5 kilometres long, and one way can be done in 2 hours 30 minutes.

if you do not want to do the full trail, just turn whenever you feel like. From the starting point you can take a short walk of about 10 minutes inside the crater of the Cabço das Trinta.