The Azores are one of the world’s top hotspots of whale watching. Commercial whale hunting used to be all throughout the late 19th and the 20 century part of the Azores. With the end commercial whaling in the 1980’s it seemed that whales would disappear from from the Azorean culture. But in the 1990’s first at small scale, since then ever expanding, whale watching, based on the experiences of the whalers became one of the most important attractions of the Azores. Whales are spotted from the old observation posts around the island, from there the information is passed by radio to the boats.

Faial, together with neighboring Pico, is the best spot in the Azores to go for a whale watching tour. This is due to the fact that the waters south and north of Faial and Pico are the perfect habitat for whales. The emblematic sperm whales and dolphins are actually present throughout the year. Other species such as the largest animal on earth, the blue whales are passing by on their annual moving. Whale watching activities are strictly regulated to ensure that the animals do not take any harm of the curious tourists. The best time of the year to observe these animals is from April until August, perfectly timed to the summer season.

Who offers whale watching activities

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