You are a diving professional or want to learn it, then in Faial you have all possibilities. Due to its volcanic origin the coasts of Faial offer you magnificent spots for diving. The diving bases on Faial offer you the possibility to rent your equipment, you can book guided trips to the best spots and for beginners there are classes allowing you to earn a diving licence. Besides costal diving, you can also take a trip to the Princess Alice bank, about 90 kilometres south of Faial. There you can swim, either snorkeling, apnoe or scuba dive with the rich marine life, including mantas or sharks.

If you just want to experience the beauty of the coasts of Faial, then go snorkeling. You can just swim off some of beaches and discover the underwater miracles of the Azores. If you are into more, then you can book a guided snorkeling tour as well. The waters around Faial are an underwater paradise, both for diving and snorkeling. There are opportunities for all levels of experiences.

The diving guides and schools of Faial

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