This full day excursion to Pico takes about 14-15 hours, during which you will see on a very long day all the highlights of the neighboring Pico island. The tour is perfect for those visitors of Faial who want to get a full picture of Pico.The Private Full-Day Visit to Pico is an all inclusive trip from your accommodation in Faial, including the ferry transfers, to the main landmarks of Pico. Due to the size of the island, Pico is more than 60 km long, you will spend a lot of time in the car, but as a reward we will take you all around Pico island. Depending on the ferry schedules you will leave from Faial at around 7 a.m. and return in the evening at around 9 p.m. At lunch time we will have a rich picnic in one of the recreational parks of Pico.

Why a tour guide?

You might have asked yourself, why should you explore a new place with the help of a tour guide? There are not only guide books available, but the internet is full with useful information. There are some simple reasons to do so…

  • Booking a tour saves time – no need to find your way
  • Booking a tour is comfortable – no need to care about mobility
  • Booking a tour is complete – not miss out anything

…and there are more elaborate reasons to book a tour guide…

  • The guide knows the stories of Faial and Pico
  • The guide knows the history of Faial and Pico
  • The guide knows the people of Faial and Pico

The guide can show you the unique and interesting side of Faial.

Your Guide – Andreas Merz

Born in Switzerland, after having spent more than 20 years of my life in business in various European countries I moved with my wife and our daughter in 2019 from Budapest to Faial. Why Faial, not only because of its beauty and remoteness, but also because of the charm of the people, its society and history. It was a big decision to do so, but never since we had a minute of regret.

Besides guiding visitors, we are having an organic banana farm in Feteira, are working on the reconstruction of our house into a small bed&breakfast and enjoy becoming more and more Faialense.

Living in Faial, but coming from outside, means that I can not only show you our beautiful island, but I also know from personal experience what are the differences which are interesting for a visitor. Check out our tours, I am sure that we have something for you. If you are not sure, please drop a line and I will help.


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