“The Whaling Industry of the Azores” – “A Indústria Baleeira dos Açores” is the most recent book by José Carlos Garcia, which will be presented to the public on 29 and 30 October at the Whaling Industry Museum and at the Observatory of the Sea of the Azores – Whale Factory of Porto Pim, at 20:30 and 18:30, respectively.

Confirmation of participation is required, by e-mail geral@oma.pt or telephone 292 292 140, until 29 October.

The book is the result of intensive research work on Azorean whaling, an integral part of the cultural identity of the Region. It was written from an anthropological perspective and developed under the guidance of Dr. Rui de Sousa Martins, member of the Scientific Coordinating Commission of the Centre for Humanistic Studies of the University of the Azores.

José Carlos Garcia, born in São Roque do Pico, is a researcher in the field of anthropology of the island of Pico, on which he has produced works on heritage and museum themes.

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