It is no news that Faial, despite being in the middle of the Atlantic, has a very colorful cultural life. Since early this year, the Vaca Pintada Art and Craft Studio in Capelo is another add-on to the cosmopolitan society of the island.

Vaca Pintada is art without frontiers, Tricia Walters, originally from South Africa, moved two years ago from Bermuda to Faial. In her art studio she hosts workshops which are attended not only by artists who moved from all over the world to Faial, but are also Faialense who live out their talent.

Tricia Walters, artist and host

With plans of early retirement, Tricia and Mark Walters moved to Faial two years ago. The couple had plans to grow vegetables, raise chickens and spend their days soaking up the sunshine and enjoying the beautiful countryside around their new home. But, as they say, life had other plans.

In February this year, when Mark returned to work remotely from their home in Capelo, Tricia opened an interactive art workshop and studio called Vaca Pintada – Painted Cow. “I wanted people to be able to try various arts and crafts and find what they enjoyed and wanted to continue doing,” she explains. “The studio gives them that opportunity without having to buy all the equipment themselves.”

Vaca Pintada Studio offers painting in various mediums and crafts like pyrography, mosaic, decopage, clay, faux glass painting and even working with resin to mention a few. “I have regular groups who come once a week,” Tricia explains. “They describe it as their happy place and I am so proud to be a part of that.” She adds: “There is so much talent on Faial and being able to help people tap into their creative sides is so rewarding.”

Vaca Pintada, Art and Craft Studio

The “Painted Cow” Art Studio and Workshop is hosting its very first Annual Art Exhibit at Casa do Povo Capelo from November 26. The art studio and workshop, which opened in February this year, has hosted over 20 budding artists of all ages – from across the island who have, over the past 9 months created paintings in various mediums, as well as air dry clay creations, resin jewelry, painted ceramic tiles, jewelry, faux stained glass art and mosaics.

The official opening on November 26 between 5 pm and 7 pm, will be attended by most of these artists. And they wish to extend an invitation across the island to view their collective body of work. “The artists are so proud of what they have accomplished in nine months,” owner Tricia Walters explains. “Being able to exhibit your work is one of the most rewarding things for any artist.”

The Exhibit is open every day until December 10 in the main hall of the Casa do Povo of Capelo im the building of the Junta de Freguesia. Landmarked by the ATM Machine on the outside.

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