Throughout its almost 25 years of existence and activity for theatre and the community of Faial, the Teatro de Giz was inspired by several sources. One of them was, and still is, the Teatro O Bando, one of the oldest cultural cooperatives of Portugal.

Founded in 1974, at the dawn of Liberty, O Bando inspires by its aesthetics and its ethics, for like them, Teatro de Giz elects aesthetic transfiguration as a mode of civic and community participation.

O Bando has thought, written and published 3 manifestos: the 1st in 1980, the 2nd in 1988 and the 3rd more recently, to celebrate its 46th anniversary. The Teatro de Giz will have an outdoor reading of the first manifesto, “Theatre and Collective” in the park Largo do Infante (in case of bad weather Gelados do Atlântico will give shelter).

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