The exhibition of carpentry tools is based on the donation of carpentry instruments, made by Fernanda Trancoso to the Museum of Horta in 2021. The collection belonged to António Francisco Andrade, natural of Praia do Norte born in 1902 and deceased in 1992. At the age of twelve he emigrated to Georgetown, Rhode Island, United States of America, where he worked as a carpenter. In the early 1930’s he returned to Faial and settled, in 1946, in Rua da Igreja n.º 67 in Feteira. There he set up a grocery shop, but the fascination for the touch of wood never left him.

His son, Ângelo Leonardo Andrade, took on the mission of cataloging these carpentry tools used by his father, but he did not achieve his goal in his lifetime. It his intention that they should constitute a patrimonial nucleus which would preserve his father’s memory. Simultaneously, pay homage to a craft for future memory.

The exhibition of carpentry tools in the Casa Manuel de Arriaga is something not to miss for all those who are interested in crafts.

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Exhibition Carpentry Tools Faial