The Teatro de Giz and the Orfeó Maonès (Menorca, Balearic Islands) play Orinoco, by the Garbo Girls! It is not a musical, but with live music, Orinoco, theater and music. It’s not a comedy, but it makes you laugh, it is not a drama, but…it is a show that is unpredictable and unrepeatable!
Two disgraced stars, Mina and Fifi, travel in a clumsy boat along the Orinoco River in search of the contract of their lives. The play Orinoco, by Emilio Carballido, is a metaphor for life itself. The river is the way to discover ourselves and to learn to distinguish what is really important. Fifí is air, optimism, dream, ingenuity and youth. Mina is earth, realism, bitterness at the passing of the years and the inevitable entry into the maturity of life. It only depends on us, to be content with “that’s life” or to think “the best is yet to come!

The presentation of the play in Spanish Orinoco, by the amateur group Garbo Girls, on the island of Faial, is part of a cultural exchange partnership between Teatro de Giz and the Orfeó Maonès Cultural Association from the island of Menorca.

Tickets are available at the box office or in the Mercado Municipal.

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Orinoco Teatro de Giz Horta Faial