Celebrate the 80th Anniversary of the Whaling Factory of Porto Pim in Horta. An evening with chamarritas, games, KJ Paulo Xavier and DJ KeSma, enjoy the party and the sunset.

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Porto Pim Whale Factory a brief history

The Whaling Factory of Porto Pim started to be built in 1941 and in 1942 commenced to work in an experimental phase. During the 30 years of operation, 1940 sperm whales were processed, producing 44 thousand drums of oil. In 1974, following the worldwide decline of the whaling industry, the factory closed its doors. In 1984, the old factory was classified as a Public Interest Property and after almost two decades of degradation of the building and its machinery, were restored. The Centro do Mar was inaugurated in 2000, since 2004, the Factory has been the headquarters of the Observatório do Mar dos Açores (OMA). In 2010, the Whaleing Factory of Porto Pim was inserted in the Monte da Guia complex of the Natural Park of Faial. Celebrate this weekend the 80th Anniversary of the Whaling Factory.

Whaling Factory Porto Pim Horta Faial Azores