It does not always have to be whale watching. You can enjoy the ocean during boat trips from Horta and explore the waters and coastline of Faial. The marina of Horta with its central position within the islands of the triangle Faial, Pico and São Jorge is the perfect place to start from. Faial, the blue island got its name not only from the hydrangeas but also from the blue of the ocean and the sky.

You have a lot of options on what kind of boat trips you take. You can go on a sunset trip to the volcano of Capelinhos, besides a stunning sunset you get a unique view on the volcanic cone with its eroded cliffs. Just explore the coastline and view the caves around Monte da Guia and Lajinha on the south coast. The adventurous ones take a jet ski and follow their experienced guide. You have special wishes, then you can do a charter and take boat trips to São Jorge or Pico. One thing is almost guaranteed, dolphins will accompany you. They, too like ocean around Faial.

Where to book a boat trip

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