Are you creative? Would you like to experiment with the volcanic rocks of Faial. Then the workshop with the artist Antonio Regis da Silva is for you. Antoino Regis da Silva is for an artistic residence from February 23 to March 30 in Faial and explores the use of volcanic rocks for lithography. He is stays in the Casa da Missão in Capelo, the house which served as observatory during the eruption of the volcano of Capelinhos and now hosts artists from around the world. His residence is supported by the Association for Sustainable Tourism of Faial promoting artists to visit Faial and contribute to the culture of the island.

The workshop introduces you to the arts of using volcanic rocks for lithography. You will learn to create pigments from the rocks of Faial and then how to print images on paper from negatives engraved on a polished stone. You can sign up for the workshop by email The costs of non-members of the association is EUR 15. The workshop is held in the Casa Manuel de Arriaga in Horta.

Besides the workshop, Antonio Regis da Silva will of course be creative and the result of his residence will be exhibited after March 31 in the Casa Manuel de Arriaga and in the Camarupa Micro Gallery in Horta. Later on, his works will be shown in Porto and Yorkshire, too.

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Workshop Horta Faial Azores
Antonio Regis da Silva / ATSF