Probably not all visitors to Faial and the Azores are aware that during summer time there are numerous festivities. There are religious ones like the Holy Spirit festivities and big events like the Semana do Mar in Horta in Faial. If you are looking for a smaller, but nevertheless great event, then the Festa do Varadouro is for you. Varadouro is the seaside resort of Faial, located on the southwest in the parish of Capelo. The five day event is a gem, located right at the seafront, not far from the natural swimming pools. There will be concerts, DJ’s, religious celebrations, chamarritas, folklore, food, regattas, food and drinks. All necessary ingredients to have a great azorean party. Safe the date for the Festa do Varadouro 2023 in Faial.

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Festa do Varadouro Capelo Faial Azores

The Program

Festa do Varadouro, Varadouro, Faial, Azores