Every October, the campaign SOS Cagarro calls for everyone’s attention to help save the lives of young Cagarros, or Cory’s shearwaters. These large maritime birds breed in the Azores and need your help in autumn before they fly to Brazil for the winter. The young Cagarros can easily get disoriented at night and are often run over by cars. The campaign encourages volunteers to protect these birds by safely collecting them and calling the free 24-hour SOS Cagarro hotline. The campaign, coordinated by the Regional Directorate for Maritime Policies, has been running since 1995 with the aim of protecting one of the archipelago’s most emblematic seabirds. Be a part of this noble cause and help save a Cagarro today! How? Check out below and sign up to be volunteer, or just keep a cardboard box in your car and collect any disoriented Cagarro.

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