The folk band Myrica Faya is for a concert in Faial. Discover the enchanting sounds of Myrica Faya, a folk band hailing from the island of Terceira. Named after a native shrub, Myrica Faya is a musical embodiment of Azorean tradition, reimagined with a contemporary twist. The band, composed of Bruno Bettencourt, Cláudio Oliveira, Emílio Leal, Pedro Machado, and Ricardo Mourão, has released two nationally recognized albums. Their debut album, “Vir’ó Balho”, is a collection of traditional Azorean songs that express the region’s unique musical identity. Their second album, “Do Cerne”, continues their exploration of Azorean musical roots. Experience the captivating blend of classical, rock, blues, and jazz influences in Myrica Faya’s music. Dive into the heart of Azorean culture with Myrica Faya and help AFAMA, Faial’s volunteer animal shelter who will benefit from the receipts.

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Myrica Faya, Horta, Faial, Azores