After Switzerland, Denmark, Austria, Czech Republic and Hungary, Portugal is country number six I am living in. Despite having some routine in moving here and there it is different this time. Before I was always moving on my own, usually either with two bags in my hands or with the trunk of a car loaded. Even though we only moved parts of our household, we managed to fill now a 20 feet container with clothes, books, household appliances, very few furniture, gardening equipment and once more books and further books. Moving to the Azores means that your goods will need to be shipped by container, something for which you need some professional company arranging for it. We had a very professional team (great thanks to the Budapest team @santaferelocation) packing everything within two days into 179 boxes – breaking only one wine glass. Now the container is somewhere en-route between Budapest – Bremerhaven – Lisbon – Ponta Delgada – Horta. If everything goes well, please cross your fingers, our stuff will arrive early May. Until then we need to live out the suitcases, we brought with us.