Reunited again, Barbara and Iza arrived this morning from Lisbon. As so often here, they had to experience the uncertainty of flights to the Azores, which can be sometimes an adventure. Even though at first sight the weather was clear and there were no high winds, their Airbus A320 managed only to touch down in the third attempt.Horta airport’s runway is very short and narrow, enough and safe in normal situations even for large jets, crosswinds from north east made today’s approach difficult, though. Luckily the pilots from SATA, the local airline, are very experienced in safely handling such situations. On the Azores, most of the inter-island traffic and all travelling to the mainland is by airplane. While Ponta Delgada on Sao Miguel and Lajes on Terceira have large runways, the airfields on the other islands are rather small exposing them to weather conditions. Fortunately, there are plans to extend our airport in the next years to improve the service availability.