At this year’s International Museum Day on May 18, a project of a new sculpture at the whaling museum of Horta Fabrica da Baleia De Porto Pim was presented. The sculpture will be placed on the ramp where in the old days the bodies of the slaughtered whales were pulled up to the factory. The piece of art is inspired by the work of the British zoologist Malcom Clarke, who was one of the leading scientist in the area of cephalopods, in other words squid, the main food source of sperm whales. Video of the new sculpture

Whaling was during large parts of the 20th century a key industry of the Azores and in particular of the triangle Faial, Pico and São Jorge. If you want to know more about it, then visit the whaling museum in Horta, the Fábrica da Baleia de Porto Pim – If you cannot come to Faial this year, check out the post of The Plantation Faial on the whaling heritage of Faial. You will find an interesting video on the life of Faial’s whalers during the 1960’s.