You have high expectations towards your holiday destination, you are longing for exclusive places, where the rich and famous go, where you can spot the superyachts? Probably Monaco or Miami Beach? But at the same time, you love nature and want peace? Then, unless you are interested in Formula One, forget about Monaco, come, and @visitfaial. Currently we have one of the latest superyachts in Faial, the 62m Anawa, owned by Jorge Paulo Lemann, the richest Brazilian.

Equipped with a helicopter, some auxiliary speed boat(s) and whatever you desire, the Anawa is anchoring in front of the tiny port of Feteira. A sleepy place with a nice restaurant, a café and a small port nowadays used for swimming only. The guests of the Anawa arrived yesterday and today with private jets and where taxied by helicopter to the yacht.

So before booking your next trip to the Riviera or Florida, think about it once more. Faial might be the better destination ?