The parish of Feteira is situated to the west of Horta and has 1800 inhabitants. Due to the location on the south coast, Feteira is known for its subtropical humid but often sunnier climate – the sweetest bananas of Faial are grown in Feteira.

What to do in Feteira

The little port of Feteira is a popular place for swimming and spending a lazy afternoon. There is a little park, a playground a café and a bar, all amenities necessary to enjoy the Azorean summer.

The cliffs of Lajinha are impressive, if there happens to be a storm, the waves can crush up to the road. The coast of Feteira was hit hard by hurricane Lorenzo in 2019 who left a path of destruction along the main road.

The natural swimming pools of Lajina are the preferred place to relax at lunchtime or after work. Check them out, this is the true Azorean swimming experience.

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