If you are fit enough, Faial is a good place for riding a bicycle, be it on the road or with a mountain bike. Compared to most places in the world, there is very few traffic on the roads of Faial. If you want to explore some of the hidden areas of the island, then go for an exploring tour with a mountain bike. Faial even has a small mountain bike park. There are some things to be kept in mind before you head out renting a bike. The roads on the Azores are considerably steeper than on the European continent, as there is never snow or ice, cars can just climb steeper all year round. The weather is always to be taken into consideration, you might start our your trip in bright sunshine and some corners further you will get a surprise shower. But keeping these in mind, Faial is perfect for bicycle enthusiasts.

Some suggestions for you bicycle trip

  • Go up to the Caldeira, it will be steep the way up, but cool on the way down.
  • Do a trip around the island.
  • Go to Capelinhos.
  • If you are staying outside of Horta, why not go to the city.
  • Some mountain bike trips

Where to rent a bicycle or book a tour

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