What is the best way to get to know the Islands of the Triangle, Faial, Pico and São Jorge? Participate in the Triangle Adventure, the epic three day race of the Azores Trail Run. Three days, three islands, three races. On day one, climb Mount Pico, with 2351m the highest mountain of Portugal.

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The race starts in Madalena do Pico, leads through the vineyards of Criação Velha, the up the pastures until the Casa de Montanha. From there it is simple, just up to the peak. A really tough race, not a single descent where you could rest. 28km and 2402m up.

On the second day, experience the diversity of the Fajãs of São Jorge, run through pastures where the famous São Jorge cheese originates from. 28km with a climb of 1467m, you will pass by banana plantations, coffee plantations, cows, lagoons and little settlements.

The final day is of course in Faial, starting in Capelinhos, the site of the volcanic eruption of 1957/58, along the coast to Fajã and then steep up to the Caldeira of Faial. On the way down you will follow the Levadas of Faial and, after climbing some more volcanoes, cross the finishing line in Capelinhos.